Internet Technology Offers Golden

For many Baby Boomers facing retirement, the future holds uncertainty and insecurity. However, for those who are looking to the Web for a way to positively impact their financial future, the rapid transformation of internet technology offers a golden opportunity.

With all the doom and gloom about the bad economy, government spending, huge deficits, personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures, it is sometimes difficult to see the positive side of things. The news media certainly doesn’t want to highlight it, and people by nature seem to prefer to focus on the bad things that are happening to them, rather than appreciate the goods things and look forward to the future with anticipation.

Technology is advancing so rapidly that those who are not involved directly with the internet are unaware of the vast opportunities available to anyone willing to dive in and learn some new skills. Advancements in web technology like Web 3.0 – immersion into 3D websites and virtual three-dimensional conferencing, and Web 4.0 – intelligent electronic assistants making decisions for us based on information gathered from the history of our online choices, are already well underway.

Not only will the internet offer retiring Baby Boomers an opportunity to create wealth, it will offer them an opportunity to undertake challenging and meaningful entrepreneurial activities – something that was not readily available in the brick-and-mortar world of jobs and employment. Retirees will look forward to embarking on a new journey beyond retirement. They will retire to something innovative and exciting, not from something that, for many, had become nothing more than a “comfort zone.”

Technology-driven change will enhance Baby Boomers dreams of retirement. The intelligent electronic assistants of Web 4.0 will render decision-making easier. Our “e-agent” will remember past choices that we may have forgotten, preventing us from making the same mistake over again (easier to do after a few too many birthdays). He (or she – our choice), will intuitively remind us of the things we want to accomplish, and help us stay on track. If we make plans to go shopping on our exercise day, your e-agent will gently remind us of our New Year’s resolution.

Smart-technology will increasingly anticipate our problems before they become problems. Our “low fuel” light has saved hours of wasted time. Our GPS has told us about the car wreck that is going to slow down our trip to the office, or where we can get off the freeway to get a cup of coffee. That’s old technology. With smart-technology, not only will our cell phone tell us where to go to get our favorite brand of coffee, but our coffee will be waiting for us when we get there, prepared just the way we like it (thanks to our e-agent).

Anyone willing to embrace the magnitude of the internet, and incorporate its resources into their plans for the future, will go places that aren’t even on the cybermap yet. Simply providing people with knowledge and information about potential web-based opportunities can be the foundation of a profitable online business. Show people how to do something they currently can’t do, but would like to if they knew how, and you will be in business.